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talking w/ friend.

me: you pussy
-mom walks in -
me: ........cat










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al0ha--sunshine asked: wait, you go to neshaminy?! cause i live right by there!

yeah! i’ll be going to school witth Annie nexxt year!

# middle school nest yeaar bro.

follow her<3. you wont regret it(:

darling-tides-deactivated201208 asked: Hi I just made a new blawg (this) and I lost skill my old followers, do you think you could check put my blog and maybe possibly promo me? I would promo you too, you may not get any followers though because I just made this blog :)

i lalalove your blog! it’s gorgeous<3. i’ll promo you now, & if you want i can add you to my promo group? just message me & let me know if you want to be in it!

Anonymous asked: what do you look forward to in summer?

welllll, i like BARELY am getting summer.. cause i go to neshaminy & the teachers suck. but i am going to the beach for a weeek with my 4 siblings, my uncle & his boyfriend, my sister’s 3 bestfriends, & my mom.

Anonymous asked: what do you look for in a guy?

a good personality, nice smile, & someone who i can trust.(:

Anonymous asked: how you ever fallen in love?

 i’m still young, it’s still just crushes & reallllly liking someone! i may say how i love someone, but come on i am still too young to actually realize what love is. i’m not one of those girls who says i actually loved someone, because i havent.. just liked alot. but i do have a boyfriend who i like alot <3.

Anonymous asked: Do you like One Direction?

eh, they’re okay! i dont obsess over them, but i like themm!(: